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Dust Free Floor Preparations

As you near the end of construction and are now ready to have your flooring installed, what do you do if your plywood floors are peaked or uneven from being wet? What if the contractors left debris stuck to the floors or residue all over your cement? What if you removed tile, but can’t get the thinset or mastic off the floor? In each of these instances, Next Level can help.

With our knowledge and new, up-to-date equipment, we will treat each situation with care so your project will turn out the way you had envisioned – beautiful and long lasting. We have combined the necessary ideas and tools to solve every problem. But unlike most trades, we respect your concerns as a homeowner and will work hard to keep your home clean as we work. Our dust free process and large commercial vacuums will prepare your floors in a way that will provide confidence as you proceed with beautiful new flooring.